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Three ways to Bid and Win!

On Site Bidding

Attending the auction in person, you will be participating in the energy and fun of a live auction. We provide the most streamlined and enjoyable experience you'll ever find at an auction, from getting your bid number to taking your items home.

Absentee Bidding

We offer both in person and on-line bidding by absentee. In absentee bidding you can view the items as much as a week ahead of time and leave your maximum bids with us. We will then bid for you up to the amount of your bid.

Our reputation for fair and unbiased absentee bidding is well known with our buyers. The bidding is always begun by on site bidders and we only bid for you in the same increments we ask on the floor.

Live Simulcast Internet Bidding

All auctions are simulcast on the internet, reaching buyers from all over the country. You can create your Bluegrass Auction account online, and then register to bid on any of our auctions.

With your account you are able to leave absentee bids through our website before the auction begins, or you can go to our site at auction time and bid as if you were sitting in a chair at our auction house.

The live simulcast shows pictures of the item up for bid just like our video screen, and you hear the audio of the auctioneer's call.

How to participate online

Step 1: Get an Account

In the upper right hand corner of the site you will see the login box.  There is a link there to "create an account." Click this link to set up your account with us.

You will be asked for your name and contact information as well as for a single credit card. WE WILL NOT BILL YOUR CARD FOR SIGNING UP.  We get your card information in order to prevent fraud on our site.  We use this card to verify your identity and verify that we can extend you the opportunity to purchase online.

Step 2: Bid online or with Simulcast

Online auctions (see explanations to the left) will be marked as such on the page for that auction.  For any traditional auction you will be able to log in and leave absentee bids at any time before the "bidding ends" time is reached.

For live auctions a button will appear on the page for that auction at the start of the auction, and you can click there to follow and bid in the auction in real time. 

Throughout this process you will find instructions on setting up your account, registering to leave bids in an auction, bidding during the live simulcast, etc.  If you have any questions please contact us from the "Contact Us" page on this site.